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Life Coach

Life Coaching is a collaborative process with your coach,  but you are the leader in your own journey.   I will listen and  ask questions to help you clarify  your strengths and core values .  We will address the obstacles that are preventing you from living a life that feels meaningful to you.  I don't give advice or tell you what to do.  I offer you a space to be heard, to consider options and I will  ask you to challenge your own thinking.

Throughout the coaching process, I will provide you with strategies and resources that are customized to meet your unique needs.


Together, we will create a  plan that is specifically targeted at attaining  your goals and most importantly, one that feels exciting and  doable! 


Recovery Coach

  Recovery Coaching and Life Coaching often overlap as you begin to create a life that no longer requires numbing agents to feel tolerable.  A Recovery Coach is not a therapist, sponsor or counsellor. I have been trained in the basic neuroscience  of recovery and the thinking and motivation that is needed for change to happen.  


Sessions are dedicated  to compassionately listening and exploring your motivation to make change.  We will examine the obstacles you are facing and together, we will create a personal toolkit of resources, strategies and practices that support a lifestyle free of addictive behaviour.   As your coach, my aim is to be the person who walks beside you as you start your recovery journey.

"Margaret is a gifted listener who has an unusual degree of intuition. During our sessions she listens empathetically and nonjudgementally, but at the same time challenges me to explore my true feelings and motivations. Through this coaching experience I have gained clarity, greater focus and most significantly a sense of hopefulness about my life moving forward.  Margaret is a truly skilled coach"       


Geraldine, Dundas, Ontario

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