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"Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life"

Mary Oliver

Present, Purposeful and Connected.

Connecting with the right person who will listen and stay present as you challenge your own thinking  can be life changing.  My passion is helping women chart their own journey to a satisfying and purposeful life.  


"Margaret is fun, intuitive, and has a great sense of humor. Her ability to relate to my everyday stresses and anxieties has been key to my success.” 

- Ruthie, Virgina, USA

Margaret Nimigan, CPC, CPRC, SRC

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Professional Recovery Coach and a Certified She Recovers Coach.  I hold a B.A in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Education and I have worked in the field of Education for 30 years.


I believe we  can all  get stuck in negative patterns and lifestyles  that keep us from living our true purpose.  For me, it was a pattern of over thinking , over doing and over indulging as a way to soothe out the rough edges of daily life. 

Despite a persistent voice in my head urging me to make changes, I lived in overdrive for many years.  Finally, through an open and mindful approach,  I was able to work from the inside out and make changes that have improved every aspect of my life.  


Numbing through alcohol, food, social media or any other self-destructive behaviour can happen when we don't feel connected to a deeper purpose.  I will help you explore the obstacles that are holding you back from living a wholehearted life that is grounded in your core values.   Together, we will create a plan for your "one wild and precious life".   



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